Tali: Streamline contact finding to minutes

Stop wasting time finding ideal contacts. We do that, so you can focus on selling.

Effortlessly identify your ideal accounts and contacts

Train your own custom AI to find accounts & contacts that will more likely convert. Your personal Copilot analyzes company and contact profiles, and filters up the best prospect based on your buying triggers. Streamline your efficiency and focus your efforts on prospects that convert.

Custom solution and integration into your stack

Tali specializes in creating bespoke workflows that integrate seamlessly into your existing sales motion, including CRMs and sequencers. This tailored approach ensures that Tali becomes an integral part of your sales ecosystem, enhancing your current methods without disrupting them.

Why people love us

Finding hyper-relevant contacts in our ICP was taking us hours each week to refine. With Tali, we’ve streamlined our contact-finding process to minutes!

Sam Stahl

Founding SDR Recall.ai

They've streamlined the process to get you back into what matters most. Having conversations with people in these lists, not sorting and filtering data.

Ryan Reisert

Founder Phone Ready Leads

We ditched Apollo for Tali. We got sick of old data and having to hand-curate leads. Tali saves us hours of work.

Kyle Stacco

CEO Agency


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Supercharge your sales motion with Tali

Let Tali help you find lookalike accounts and ideal contacts while integrating with your current sales motion.




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